venerdì 6 luglio 2012

Anna: Release date, price and various details

Dreampainters are happy to announce the official release date of Anna!

People can purchase it from July 16, 2012 on Desura, Zodiac, Just Adventure and Indievania for 7,90€ / 9,90$. We will announce the agreement on other stores very soon.

To give an answer to whom has asked us about a Steam distribution: we have submitted the game to Valve and we are waiting for a response. We hope to give you some good news very soon.

The first version of the game will be in English, but we are already working on a translation patch to add the following languages:

-        Italian (texts and voices)
-        French (texts)
-        Spanish (texts)
-        German (texts)
-        Turkish (texts)
-        Russian (texts)

Anna on YouTube: Link
Anna on Facebook: Link

10 commenti:

  1. Guys, why you don't do a Potuguese translation (text), If you want help I have already worked with TV Serial and Game's subtitles. I can do it with my team for free, of course!

  2. I'm waiting this game since the first trailer !

  3. Fantastic, can't wait.

    Will you release the soundtrack too?

  4. Yeah, the soundtrack is included: the Zodiac version will already have it :)

  5. It would be great to be able to choose separately voice language and text language. I'd like to play Anna in Italian with french text/subtitles.

  6. Anna is also sold on the Steam platform?

  7. Where can I purchase this game if I live in the UK?

    1. Hi Nick!

      you can purchase it here:
      It's in preorder here :)

      Or wait a couple days and it will be on Desura an Justadventure as well :)