martedì 8 maggio 2012

2 more weeks

Hey all! We're working like crazy to deliver the best possible game to you all and we decided that to deliver even more content and awesomeness, we need a couple more weeks.
Nothing really tragic, then, this means you'll enjoy Anna in the beginning of June instead of mid-May.

June is a nice month for gaming: schools close down, giving you loads of spare time to immerse yourself in the Periasc sawmill we feature in "Anna". You'll even have time to make at least two walkthroughs, as it's really impossible for you to see everything the first time.

We're also going to announce you some very exciting stuff! We'd love to unveil our next project here for you, but burocracy is a giant pain and we have to close some boring documents before telling you the news. Meanwhile, keep following us: the final pre-release movie is on its way. It will be 5 minutes of gameplay, which will show you many of the awesome features "Anna" has!


2 commenti:

  1. Delayed... Dammit.

    Oh well, It'll be worth it!

  2. Un attesa di due settimane non è tragica, se serve a perfezionare il gioco.

    Ma farete partecipare Anna, agli Unity Awards 2012?
    Oggi, ho letto la notizia dell'apertura delle iscrizione. Mi domandavo, se avreste partecipato con il vostro gioco.